7 Tips on Having Your Property Valued

1. Do some homework. Go online and check for free what prices properties in your area have recently gone for. You are then on a more even keel with the estate agents valuing your home, have a better idea of what to expect and can question their judgment.

2. Choose a number of agents to value your house. I suggest around 6; 3 agents limit you and you need to be happy with the agent you use and get the lowest commission you can.

3. Prepare for the valuation: clean and tidy. Present your house as if the valuer is a viewer. You want the estate agent selling your property to love your house, to believe in it being an excellent purchase and easy to sell. After all if the agent selling the property isn’t interested in it how will they enthuse viewers to become buyers.

4. On the valuation day, be alert for unprofessional conduct. Is the agent on time? If they are late, do they apologize? Is their lateness a sign of disorganization and inefficiency? Property is big business and you want your transaction to be with the best.

5. Ask the valuer about what marketing they offer: on what websites do their properties appear, what newspapers do they advertise in, how many offices do they have? All play a crucial part in the selling of your property.

6. How do you feel with the agent? If you feel uncomfortable it’s possible that viewers will too.

7. How efficient and keen are they to sell your property? How soon will it take them to have your details ready and viewers lined up? How soon do they contact viewers after a viewing? How long is their contract? The shorter the better so that if you are not happy with their service, you can change agents within a few weeks not months.

Essentially each agent will want to market your property and make the sale. The decision on who to give the business to is down to you – be prepared, ask questions and get as much information as you can to make the right decision.

Source by Susy Copus

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